The introduction of online gaming has brought notable changes to the casino industry. Players don't have to visit a physical casino before playing games. One of the good things about online casinos is that you can play games in free mode without wagering real money. In this extensive guide, our experts have outlined how to play free casino games as well as the advantages that come with doing so. You can find top casinos that feature their games in free mode on sites such as .

Before we dive into how to play free online casino games, let us first explain what they are. Free casino games are actual games featured in a casino lobby that has been made available to play without the need to wager real money. These free games can be slots, speciality games or table games. The idea behind them is that players get to understand how the games work and enjoy their features without being under the pressure of losing money.

How to Play Free Casino Games

Playing free casino games is similar to the way you play real money games. When you load a particular free game, you'll be awarded some free virtual coins. The balance of these coins can usually be seen at the bottom of the game screen. The coins serve as the money you'll wager on the game. However, you should note that it does not have a real-money value and cannot be used to win real money either. If the coins get exhausted while playing, you can reload/refresh the game more.


Why Play Free Casino Games?

There are are several reasons you should consider playing free casino games. Besides the obvious reasons that it is fun to play and you are not risking your actual money, you can also use free casino games to learn how to play. Novice players with no prior experience can practice and get familiar with how the games are played before transitioning to the real money versions. They'll be able to learn the rules of the games as well as all the legal moves to make.

Use Free Games to Perfect Your Strategies

Besides the benefits of free casino games to novice players, pro players can also gain from playing free games. Experienced players in the casino industry often use different kinds of strategies when playing casino games. These strategies help improve their chances of winning. With free casino games, you can create and test new strategies before you apply them in real money games. Since you have unlimited time with free games, you can perfect each of your strategies for free without risking money.

Free Casino Games vs Real Money Casino Games

As we stated earlier in one of the preceding sections, players cannot win real money when playing free casino games. To stand a chance to win real money on any online casino game, you need to either bet real money or use casino bonuses. You have to join an online casino to bet on the games. Note that if you are using casino bonuses to play games, you will need to fulfil the wagering requirement associated with the bonus before you can withdraw whatever you win.